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Why Flicker And Glare-free Light Is Vital

LED (light emitting diode) lights have become commonplace now because of the many advantages that they offer: cost efficiency, energy efficiency, flexibility in design, and long life. However, while LED lights are definitely lighting up our lives, there is a dark side to this story as well.

The output of light from these sources of light constantly fluctuates. There are two types of flicker: visible and invisible. Humans can discern flicker up to 100 hertz with the naked eye; this is visible flicker. However, there is also flicker of frequency higher than 100 hertz. That is an invisible flicker.

One of the ways to “see” this invisible flicker is to open the slow-motion mode of the camera and point it towards the source of light. There will be visible distortion in what you see on your screen. The human eye cannot see this but this invisible flicker is the source of many, very visible problems.

Even though the flicker is invisible, it forces the human eye to rapidly adjust to lighting that is constantly fluctuating. This puts a lot of stress on the muscles in the eyes. When our eyes are exposed to this flicker for an extended period of time, there are many problems that can occur: blurred vision, headaches, strain of the eyes, fatigue, reduced ability to perform at visual tasks, and sometimes, even neurological problems.

Given how long we spend in artificial light, this is a problem that we should be very worried about. Children are even more susceptible to the problems caused by flicker than adults are.

Another problem that is faced with lighting is that it can be too bright. Light that is too bright can cause difficulty in seeing and is referred to as glare. Glare can be direct or reflected, and the source of light can be natural sunlight or artificial lighting. Glare is of two types: discomfort glare and disability glare. While discomfort glare refers to a more psychological, intuitive desire to turn away from very bright light, disability glare can actually impair the vision temporarily.

Flickers as well as glare contribute to discomfort and health problems. At Dr. Lite, we are committed to ensuring that our lights provide comfort and, therefore, are free of flicker and glare. At our store, you can buy our medical grade products and pick the one that suits your needs best!

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