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Why Dr. Lite Lamps Are A Back To School Must-Have!

Some states are in the process of restarting activities following a lockdown period. For many, it means an opportunity to go out and do things once regarded as mundane. For many businesses and schools, it is the start of a new chapter.

While this is a cause for celebration, the rules have changed, and they may never be exactly the same again. Almost every system adapted to remote operations, and the educational system wasn't left behind. 

Before the summer holidays, students took classes online. Now, summer is over, and it is "back to school" season. Most schools are choosing to continue with online classes until at least the end of the year.

You might not have to go shopping for backpacks or get the kids ready for school every morning in the traditional sense, but have you considered what online classes might mean for your child's health? 

Staring at screens for long hours isn't exactly an ideal tradeoff, but it is a necessary solution to the current situation. While there's nothing you can do about limiting screen time, you can protect your children from the effects of harmful blue light and set them up for a successful school year. 

Why the Right Lighting Is Essential for Students

Students spend a lot of time poring over books, reading, and working on art projects. These activities often require the use of a desk lamp for illumination. This is why good lighting should be an indispensable part of every child's 'back to school' kit. 

Bad lighting has negative side effects on the eye, which include squinting and eye conditions like myopia. It is essential to every child's well-being that they have access to safe, bright lighting. Also, worthy of note is that bad lighting makes it difficult for students to focus on their school work. This can lead to poor test-taking, low grades and behavioral issues.

Effects of Long Screen Time and Bad Lighting 

Light affects much more than the eyes. It controls the circadian rhythm, mood, and perception. It also stimulates chemical reactions in the body. Students who study with bad light could develop bad sleeping habits and mood swings.

On average, humans spend 11 hours per day staring at a screen - it could be a computer, a phone, or a television. With schools reopening soon, students would be maxing this average and adding extra screen time in classes, studying, and time spent on assignments. 

What would this amount of screen time mean for your kids? How would this amount of screen time impact their schoolwork, sleep and overall health? 

Inevitably, students will significantly increase their screen time when school resumes. While parents can't do much about that, they can ensure their kids are surrounded by safe lighting. 

This is where Dr. Lite's Angel Study Lamp lamp comes in!

Dr. Lite's Angel Study Lamp is the best in terms of protection and health. Reviewed and studied by peers in the medical field, this lamp is doctor recommended to complement digital learning!

Another favorite from our new Standard Edition line is the Ellis Multi-Function Desk Lamp, bringing all day vision comfort to your child's study area.

Safe lighting enables focus, reduces eye-strain, and increases visual clarity. These features make these lamps from Dr. Lite essential items for every child's "back to school" list!

Be preemptive about your child's health and take advantage of our sitewide 30% Off Back-To-School Sale!

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