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What Is the Right Type of Lighting for Tasks and Reading?

No workstation, home office, reading desk, craft table, or art studio is complete without lighting!

Architects need task lamps to light up blueprints. Artists require multifunction desk lamps or floor lamps for drawing. Kids need a safe lamp at their desks to study.

So, what is the best lighting for tasks and reading?

Task lamps and reading lamps are localized lighting sources that emit the perfect amount of light on the surface to illuminate the area you are focusing on. This type of lighting especially comes in handy when you're cooking, sewing, writing, and reading!

If you are working on a task or reading, this lighting is essential in order to:

Prevent Eye Strain

Reading and working in the dark causes eye strain. When you experience eye strain and pain when reading, you aren't able to focus or read for long.

Studies show that learners in properly lit classrooms got better grades than those in dimly lit environments. And that's because low light settings can reduce the brain's ability to analyze and retain data!

Likewise, overly bright light reflects off the surface of a book or computer into the eyes. This can interfere with your ability to read words correctly, which in turn affects work or academic performance and your eyes eventually.

Avoid Headaches And Blurred Vision  

Reading or trying to focus on the fine details of a project in the dark causes headaches and eye discomfort. Just like any muscle in your body, the eyes can get weak when strained. 

Straining visual work, like studying or working in dim light, makes the eyes tired faster. Tired eyes can lead to light sensitivity, itchy eyes, migraines, and blurred vision. This impacts, not only your ability to concentrate on your activity but your overall mood and ability to enjoy the task at hand.

Prevent Sleep Disorders

Most lamps emit blue light, which damage the eye's retina while interrupting our sleep rhythms. New scientific research reinforces the "phototoxic effects" of short-term exposure to blue light and an increased risk of macular damage.

In addition to the physical and mental health damage that blue light causes, a lack of sleep is linked to high blood pressure and heart disease. Over time, poor sleep can also lead to higher stress levels, less motivation to be physically active, and unhealthy food choices.

The solution to all of these problems is to use a safe lighting source that has balanced lighting with an extra layer of protection for your eyes.

This is where Dr. Lite Lamps come in!

Dr. Lite's task and reading lamps block out the harmful blue light that causes eye problems. They allow people to work from home, do crafts, perform tasks and read comfortably. People who use our lamps say they no longer experience eye strain and fall asleep faster than normal!

We even offer lights with magnifying features in both our Medical and Standard lines that enlarge up to 175% to support detailed work while offering additional visual aid! 

Why Dr. Lite Lamps?

Dr. Lite lamps:

  • Prevent eye strain and discomfort
  • Help you sleep better after reading or working at night
  • Help you see the words you are reading and the tasks you are working on with better clarity
  • Easily adjust to allow you to focus the light where it's needed
  • Offer protection from the harmful blue light that causes eye damage while retaining the good blue light that lifts our mood and supports a healthy circadian rhythm 

For the best lighting for tasks and reading, visit our store today. Take advantage of free shipping and our sitewide sale of up to 20% off to keep your eyes happy and healthy!

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