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Eliminate harmful UV and blue light
Minimize flicker and glare
Enhance visual acuity and clarity
Promote better sleep patterns
92% of customers feel their eyes are more comfortable after using our lamps and report significantly less eye strain and tiredness.*
*Based on a randomized survey of Dr. Lite product owners conducted in March 2020.
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100-day risk free trial
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Why you'll love it:
  • Protect eyes and skin from harmful blue light, sleep better
  • No orange tinge, just crystal clear images
  • Reflection-free and glare-free
  • Designed and developed by Optometrists
  • Donate to the Seeing Eye with each order
  • MEDICAL-GRADE lighting to block blue light
Product Features
  • Ergonomic Design with White Finish
  • 3-Level Brightness “Touch” Switch
  • 3 Diopter Glass Magnifier Lens Enlarges 175%
  • Fully adjustable architect arm up to 44"
  • Circular shade design for comfortable, even light direction
Product Specifications
  • 27.5" W x 7.8" D x 30" H
  • 90pcs of Patented LEDs Technology
  • UV, Glare and Flicker Free (12 Watt)
  • Industrial Grade Metal and PVC
  • Heavy Duty Clamp-On with Locking Pin
  • EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) Safe
  • ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratory) Approved

The science behind Dr. Lite's lamps

blue light computer
Blue light impacts your wellbeing
When blue light penetrates the retina, it tells your brain it's time for you to wake up and get going. However, excessive blue light exposure can negatively affect our quality of life—headaches, eye irritation, and fatigue are all common symptoms.

Blue light also disrupts our sleep cycles by restricting melatonin production (a chemical that helps us sleep). This leaves us feeling tired, irritable, and unproductive!
Our lamps are designed for eye health
Designed to filter out blue light, our lamps reduce the risk of cataracts, early macular degeneration, vision loss, insomnia, not to mention headaches, and eye strains that result in productivity loss.

Our lamps keep your eyes safe and let you get more done with less fatigue. All you have to do is turn it on—get all the protection without the glare of a screen protector or the discomfort of a pair of glasses. According to the American Journal of Ophthalmology, blue-blocking lenses do not reduce eye strain from extended screen time, but many of our real-time users claim that they see a significant improvement in eye strain while using our lamps.
The Dr. Lite difference
Dr. Lite is the world's first and only medically-rated blue-light-blocking lamp. Developed by board-certified Optometrists after more than five years of field testing, our lamps offer the most balanced spectrum light to reduce eye-related risks.

Our doctor-recommended lamps provide a clear, crisp spectrum lighting and a healthier, more productive lifestyle!

You'll love using it

Ophthalmologist in Goldsboro, NC
Dr. Terry Lee Forrest
Practicing ophthalmologist
Reviews for Clarity Magnifier Lamp

6 reviews for Clarity Magnifier Lamp

  1. Lori Bain

    I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration a few years ago so I had to quit my marketing job and find work that I could do on my computer. But I found that spending so much time working in front of my computer made my eyes tired. I thought it was normal eye strain, but after reading about the dangers of blue light which could be the reason for my eye strain, I knew I had to make some changes. It was then, that my eye doctor told me about Dr. Lite. I learned that the lamps were Doctor recommended and blue light safe. So I purchased the Dr. Lite Clarity Magnifier Lamp. It ws real easy to mount it to my desk and I like the magnifer feature and one-touch light switch. Also, the lamp is very well made. Usually, over time, the hinges on most desk lamps start to lose their ability to hold the light in the position that you want. But my Dr. Lite lamp hasn't failed me once using it in all kinds of positions. But the best thing about using the Clairy Magnifyer Lamp, I noticed less eye strain, I had a better attention span and I slept better. Would I recommend this lamp to my friends? Absolutely.

  2. Bradley Weed

    My wife surprised me with this lamp a few months ago. She knew that I wanted this style of light which had the magnifier in addition to the light. She also knew that I was very disappointed when I missed out on an older version of this style at a yard sale. I have to say, not getting that older lamp with the fluorescent bulb and less efficient articulating mechanism turned out to be a blessing. I use this lamp on my workbench. To have the magnifying lens combined with the wonderful light and an adjustable arm that stays where you place it, is such a pleasure. Every time I use it, I am amazed at how the lamp holds its position without having to tighten a bolt at any of the joints. The handle in the head of the lamp to help make the adjustments is something I almost forgot to mention. It may seem like a small thing, but it shows the thought that went into the design. I’ve had this lamp for a few months now with no reduction in the stability of the arm. One minor annoyance was the sensitivity of the light switch. There were a couple of times I inadvertently turned the light on while reaching over the lamp for something on the shelf on my workbench. It bothered me when it happened, but given the other more significant positive features of the lamp, I learned to avoid touching the switch while reaching over it. I actually like the simplicity of the touch switch and I decided I would rather change my behavior, than complain about something that was more operator error. I would definitely recommend this lamp to anyone who is looking for its features. The quality of the build and the materials won’t disappoint.

  3. Sam Seavey

    This lamp is built extremely well and made from high quality materials. The light quality is very good, especially for conditions such as macular Degeneration. The articulating arm makes it ideal for desktop task lighting. Highly recommended! Degeneration.

  4. Nona Griesbach (verified owner)

    I am so happy with Dr. Lite attached to my drawing table! I was having trouble with my vision and this light got me to cry happy tears. Colors show up true! I was having trouble with fine detail on illustrations. The magnifier attached to the light is the best!!! There is no glare! It is sturdy and sleek. I am not sorry I took a chance on ordering this MAGNIFICENT light.

  5. Sheila Huber (verified owner)

    Searched the web regarding the damaging effects of blue light and read the information on Dr. Lite's website. I called to ask questions and the customer service was so understanding, courteous and helpful.I ordered it and was quite simple to set it up.The lamp was packaged very professionally in foam for all the parts and the instructions were extremely easy to understand. This lamp is professionally made. The magnifying light has degrees of light and is kind on my eyes unlike other lamps. I could not be happier with this light. The positional angled support arm can be angled in various positions for my sewing needs as well as studying at my computer. I am so thankful to have found this company. Thank you

  6. Heather Emminger (verified owner)

    After extensive research for a light with a magnifying glass, and I am grateful I found Dr. Lite products. They have the best quality I could find. The arm reach is perfect for my 36" deep table and has great mobility. I like the choices of lighting with a light touch of the button. The diameter of the magnifying glass is perfect for my jewelry making. Their website is informative and the company appears thoughtful about the products they produce. I have great confidence this company will stand by their products. The packaging was very professional and shipping and communication was a perfect execution. I am grateful for the sales price as I would not have otherwise been able to afford this product. The table clamp loosens so you must tighten periodically. I recommend the magnifying glass and light combo to all jewelry makers.

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Eliminate harmful UV and blue light at its source through customized LEDs, along with patented blue light absorbing filters and medical-grade fixture designs. Minimize flicker and glare during reading and computer viewing to reduce computer vision syndrome such as headaches and red eyes Enhance visual acuity and clarity with specially engineered balanced spectrum light whether working, studying or crafting Promote better sleep patterns by filtering the blue light that has been shown to inhibit production of melatonin necessary for a good night's sleep. Improve attention and behavior compared to blue light exposure that causes overstimulation and hyperactivity


To create great work, you need quality lighting. Our Clarity Magnifier Lamp provides unsurpassed clarity, letting the user see details clearly while protecting the eye. Thanks to its ergonomic design and extendable arm, it can be positioned at any angle for any project.

  • 27.5" W x 7.8" D x 30" H
  • 90pcs of Patented LEDs Technology
  • UV, Glare and Flicker Free (12 Watt)
  • Industrial Grade Metal and PVC
  • Heavy Duty Clamp-On with Locking Pin
  • EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) Safe
  • ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratory) Approved
  • Ergonomic Design with White Finish
  • 3-Level Brightness “Touch” Switch
  • 3 Diopter Glass Magnifier Lens Enlarges 175%
  • Fully adjustable architect arm up to 44"
  • Circular shade design for comfortable, even light direction
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