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How to Turn Your Crafting Passion Into a Business

The lockdown has given people a chance to appreciate the value of crafting more than ever before. With more time home, many crafters have let their creative juices flow as they give in to their passion!

Does that describe you? Have you considered making money off your passion? We understand that a lot of people wish they could turn their knack for crafting into a business, but only a few are bold enough to do so. 

It doesn’t need to be a daunting process! With the appropriate tools and help, you can turn that hobby into a money-making venture. Ready to own your own company? Here are a few ways to turn your crafting passion into a business! 

Choose a Niche

Crafting comes in different shades, and like many crafters, you might be good at a few of them. That's nice! But when you decide to turn your crafting passion into a business, you will have to start with a niche! 

It is easier to focus your efforts in one niche than multiple, especially when you're just starting a business. Do you enjoy sewing, painting, or jewelry making more than your other talents? Do you find that friends and family ask you for one above all others?

As soon as you choose a niche, do some research! Find out what other crafters are doing, then come up with a unique product that your demographic will love.

Sell on Etsy 

Now that you have a unique product in your preferred niche, it's time to sell it! You can open an online store, sell at a local store or both. As a beginner, an online store would be an excellent place to start. 

A great place for crafters to sell and build their brand online is on Etsy! For starters, it is an established online store for crafts. Also, Etsy has made it easy for all craft producers to share their products with a global audience.

Setting up a store on Etsy is easy, and listing your products is even easier. Bear in mind that you may need to pay a token (about 20 cents) to list each product. A small price to pay to build your next big business venture!

Re-evaluate & Fine-Tune Your Products

Evaluation is crucial during the first weeks of sales!

The data you get from evaluating your customer's preferences would enable you to produce even better crafts. After evaluating your sales, try to re-create and fine-tune your best sellers. Great businesses are constantly evolving!

Register Your Business 

At this point, you know what your target market wants, you have a growing brand, and you're itching to take it to the next level. It's time to register your business!

What type of business is it going to be? A sole proprietorship, a partnership, or an LLC? What you choose depends on what you want. But most crafters go with a sole proprietorship. Nevertheless, it is better to research to know what each option offers you and your business. 

Market Your Product 

It isn't enough to register your business and keep up with orders; you also have to market your brand. Some people have the knack for it. But if you don't, you can learn how to. 

You will find many free online courses that explain what tools to use as a crafter and how to use them. As you market your products, you'll make more sales. 

Who says you can't market your passion? 

Don't Quit

As the saying goes, quitters never win.

As you try to grow your new business, you may experience hurdles that can knock you off and make you doubt your prowess. If you feel this way, you aren't alone. Many successful entrepreneurs have felt this pain, too. 

Don't give up! Expect challenges – it is a part of growing a business. You can also connect with like-minded business people or hire an experienced guide to help you gain momentum!

A big reason many crafters burn out is due to the headaches, eyestrain, and/or declining eyesight they feel during the long hours spent working on their projects. You don't need to feel this way! With the right craft lighting, you can minimize eye strain while having the energy to make even more products as you grow your business. 

Dr. Lite's Clarity Magnifier Lamp was made to help crafters power their projects while offering the most balanced spectrum light to minimize risk vision loss, headaches, and insomnia. Protect your eyes and invest in the right tool to watch your sales climb faster.

Good Luck!

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