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How To Correctly Use A Magnifier Lamp To See Clearer

We have all seen them, magnifier lamps. They provide hands-free reading or working. They provide light directly to what you want to see, and they magnify! But how are they best used? How may you change how you are using it to make it work better for you? Well, let's look at some of the parts of a magnifier lamp first.

The two most important parts are the illumination source and the magnifier lens.

First, we know that the light should be of low blue light output to reduce exposure to blue light. Blue light is a part of white light, but it contributes to eye irritation, dry feeling of eyes, and eye disease. The light should also be flicker-free and of variable intensity. A flicker of light can be very irritating and sometimes it is beyond our ability to sense it, but it can make you feel tired and sometimes irritated.

A good lamp should also be one that the brightness is adjustable. You may not need the light to be as bright on some days as others and you may not need the light to be as bright if the room you are in is bright.

The magnification lens is critical. Factors relating to how well it works for you are its clarity and power. The clarity of a lens will depend upon various factors including what it is made of. Most high-quality lenses are made of glass but there are very good plastic lenses if they don't have defects.

Additionally, a lens has a focal length. The focal length of a lens is the distance from the lens to the object you are looking at when it is clear. The stronger the lens the shorter the focal length and the closer you will have to hold the object you are looking at. 

So, if you want to use a stronger magnifier lens be ready to hold what you want to see closer than you did with a weaker magnifier lens. Another quality of a lens is that the stronger they are the smaller in diameter they are. So, if you are looking for a stronger lens don't look for a larger lens you will want to look for a smaller lens.

Now, how to best use the lens. When you look through a magnifier lens the closer the lens is to your eye the larger the area you will see through it. Don't be afraid to have the lens right up to a few inches from your eyes. It cannot hurt you but the size of the area you will be able to see is greatly enlarged. 

So, when looking for a magnifier lamp you want one that has a good quality light source of lower blue light output. You want the lens of good quality. Additionally, you want a lens that is strong enough to provide you with the level of magnification you need, and the stronger the lens the smaller it is. Thus, remember to increase the viewing area through the lens by holding it closer to your eye.

The closer to the eye the larger the viewing area.

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Dr Huggett

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