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How To Choose The Best Desk Lamp For Students

What makes a good table lamp good for reading or studying? Is it brightness, long battery life, or the quality of the light? 

The best light for reading or studying should be one that gives you enough light to see without straining your eyes. 

No one enjoys pulling an all-nighter, but proper study room lighting can transform your last-minute reading session into a more relaxing experience. Good lighting enhances attention span, improves your mood, and boosts productivity.

There is more! The best light for reading gives you a better posture. Most students are guilty of bending into weird, awkward positions just to read from their books or computer screen. This, in turn, causes bad posture, strain, fatigue, dry eyes, and headaches. 

To avoid these harms, it's important to buy a good desk lamp and set up the perfect study room lighting. 

So, how do you know what makes a "good" desk lamp?

Buying a desk lamp might look easy. Then you find out that there is more to proper study room lighting than meets the eye!

Don't fret! If you have not heard of balanced spectrum, lumens, color temperature, or LED lifespan, here is what to look out for in a desk table study lamp. 


Can you elongate or focus your lamp on specific areas? Adjustability is the ability to adjust your lamps easily for specific purposes. Why is this important? In one word? Focus. 

You can focus an adjustable lamp on a particular area, book, or screen.

Without proper adjustability, even the best lamp for reading may not be good enough to save you from eye strain.

Bright Light 

What makes a good table lamp for reading? A lot of things, but brightness is an essential part. Low lighting introduces eye strain and makes for an uncomfortable study session. Hence the need for bright desk lamps that won't cause fatigue. 

Aside from brightness, you should also consider how much protection it offers from blue light. Blue light is a component of light that can negatively affect the body. It can disrupt an individual's natural circadian rhythm and cause insomnia. 

When getting a lamp, consider how much protection it offers from blue light as well as its brightness. 


Bigger isn't always better when you're buying a desk lamp. Resist the urge to buy a big lamp with all the bells and whistles. Before buying any desk lamp, consider your desk and your personal needs. 

Your lamp should not be underneath your head level. Ideally, your light source for studying should be located above your head. It shouldn't be too high or too low, just perfect. 

Color Temperature and Dimmability

The ability to dim your lamp is a valuable feature since you might only require a small amount of light in the evening. A desk lamp on full brightness can damage your eyes.

Most lamps have a color temperature of around 2700K, 3000K, or even 4500K. At 4500K, the light is cool, so make it suits your eyes before buying. Even so, warm color light is more soothing, but a cooler light is a much better choice for sharpness and productivity. 

Power Button 

Turning on or shutting off your desk lamp should be easy. Good off-on switch options include touch operation lamps, base switches, and so on. Most students prefer the modern and portable lamp from Dr Lite's Angel Study Lamp range.

Back to our first question. What makes a good table lamp for reading or studying? Here is an answer. The best light for reading is bright and safe for the eyes. There are other extra factors you might consider, but safety and brightness form the core. 

Our flicker-free lamps make the lighting where your children study safe by reducing glare and protecting them from harmful blue light rays. For a limited time, you can save up to 40% Off + Free Shipping on our blue light blocking lamps with code BTS202

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