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Glaucoma - The Silent Vision Killer!

Causing potential vision problems for over 3 million in the US and half don't know they have it. It's called GLAUCOMA.  

Most people don't give much thought to glaucoma and think that it is a rare condition. There are over 40 different types of glaucoma and it is the second leading cause of permanent vision loss in the US. It’s more common as we age but you can be born with it and the chance of developing it increases as we become older from the teens onward. 

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a condition where the pressure in the eye is too high causing damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve allows the transmission of the signal of what you see with the eye to the brain. As the optic nerve leaves the back of the eye it is only 1.5 mm in diameter which translates to 0.059 inches! But through this very small nerve, there are, on average 1.2 million fibers, like an extremely small bundle cable traversing from the eye to the brain. In glaucoma, these nerve fibers are lost and as more fibers are lost during the disease vision is lost.

This vision loss accumulates and typically causes peripheral loss first leading to tunnel vision. Tunnel vision is like looking through a keyhole, and with further progression of the disease, even that little remaining vision is lost. 


Most people who are losing sight from undetected glaucoma will lose 50% of their vision before perceiving a problem.


The most effective way of preventing loss is through a standard routine eye examination. Either your Doctor of Optometry or Doctor of Ophthalmology can provide this service for you. During an eye exam, the eye doctor will check your peripheral vision, check your optic nerve, and the pressure of the eye. If it is determined that a person has glaucoma, treatment is typically given in the form of eye drops. In many cases, the only eye drop needed is one taken one to two times per day and in many cases eyedrops can be eliminated with a simple laser surgery that takes just minutes.

If you have any history in the family of glaucoma you are at an even higher risk of glaucoma, but family history is not required to having glaucoma. So, for those 1.5+ million people in the US that have glaucoma and are yet to find-out, find-out as soon as possible before you lose precious vision. See your eye doctor so they can keep you seeing!

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Dr Huggett

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