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Dr. Lite and The Seeing Eye ®

Our mission at Dr. Lite is to empower customers to live their lives in a meaningful, independent, and active way by preserving their vision. 

Introducing Dr. Lite and The Seeing Eye ®.

Prioritizing Vision First

The Seeing Eye's mission is to enhance independence, dignity, self-confidence, and independence for blind individuals by using specially-trained Seeing Eye dogs. With their mission completely aligned with Dr. Lite's, we're excited to partner together to alleviate impaired vision. And let's face it, who doesn't love puppies and dogs?

How it works

You buy a lamp of your choice from Dr. Lite
Once a month, we tally up the total from sales and specials.
We give back 2% of the total to The Seeing Eye on your behalf!

The Impact On The Community

“Having a Seeing Eye dog with me not only makes me feel safer, but also somehow... cooler! I love my dog and having him with me. These dogs change the way you feel about yourself. It’s about independence and mobility, but also, having a dog is fun and exciting! And just because you’re blind doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some fun and excitement in your life!”
— Sylvia Aponte of Bayamón, Puerto Rico
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Let's Make An Impact Together

Tens of thousands of Dr. Lite customers are already making an impact simply by choosing Dr. Lite. Growing together as a community strengthens our social impact. Join our community by giving Dr. Lite lamps a try today.
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