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blue light blocking lamps

Bad lighting affects more than eyes alone

Experts has linked productivity to environmental factors such as lighting. Unknown to many, the high content of blue light in today's home lighting and digital devices harm the eyes and could be linked to a host of other problems.
Neck and shoulder pain
Dry or irritated eyes
Reduced attention span
Poor behavior
Increased irritability

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Our Home is our safe haven. This is where we nurture ourselves and our family, seek safety and comfort in. We spend at least 14 hours a day in our home. We work , we learn and we let our creative juice flows and discover ourselves at home. And this is best achieve when we feel protected and safe.

With the invention of electricity , lighting has become such an integral part of our life and our development at home.

Dr. Lite and our teams of health experts recognizes that and wanted to bring the safest form of lighting we can to your
home and your family.

Our Dr. Lite Standard edition features:

Blue light safe LEDs
Flicker and Glare Free Lighting
>90 Color Rendering Index
True to Color Depiction
Brilliant Illumination for Reduced Eye Strain
ETL Safety Certification
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