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Computer vision syndrome - An overview

Nowadays almost each one of us has jobs that require us to spend the entire day staring at the computer screen. This can put a major strain on our eyes and cause a variety of problems that fall under the Computer Vision Syndrome. This term is not an ailment in itself but includes a whole lot of eye problems and discomforts. Various researches have been done on this which state that 50% to 90% of the people working on a computer, on a regular basis are likely to develop some symptoms associated with this syndrome.

Contrary to popular opinion, working adults are not the only ones who are affected by computer vision syndrome. Nowadays kids are also quite active in technology with access to smartphones, tablet devices, and laptops. Many of them are using at least one of these devices at school and can be potential targets of these ailments as lighting and posture are often not paid attention to.

How do Computers Compromise Vision?

The computer vision syndrome is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome (pain, numbness, and tingling in the hand and arm) and various other related disorders that you might get affected with at work. This happens because your eyes keep following the same path, over and over again while using a computer. The longer you continue this movement, the worst it gets.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, computers won’t be going anywhere anytime soon and each new piece of technology emphasizes the relevance and importance of a larger, brighter, clearer screen – whether it’s television or laptop or a smartphone. So, there is no option of working without a screen, irrespective of your industry.

When you work on a computer, your eyes are required to focus and refocus again and again. Your eyes (pupils) move back and forth repeatedly as you read and type, and are forced to react to this constant moving and changing of shifting focus, sending rapidly varying images to your brain. This strains your eye muscles, as you blink far less, which ultimately causes the eyes to dry out and consequently blurs vision as well.

With age, computer work becomes difficult as the natural lenses in our eyes become less flexible. Our ability to focus on objects located nearby and faraway starts to reduce.

Consequently, you will start to experience some of the below discomforts in your eyes due to the continuous use of computers.

  • Blurred vision
  • Dryness and redness in the eyes.
  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Double vision

Most commonly, all the above issues stem from bad posture and bad lighting. Especially, the blue light that all our electronic smart devices display. While a limited amount of blue light is considered to be helpful as it improves your attention span, but an excessive amount of exposure can be harmful in the long run.

With Dr. Lite’s medical-grade lamps, you can reduce eye strain and protect them against blue light exposure and ensure your eyes are happy and healthy.

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