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Attention Video Content Creators: The Lighting You Use To Film Could Be Harmful To Your Eyes!

When parents warn their kids to avoid looking directly at the sun, it is not based on an old urban myth. Research shows that staring at the sun for as little as a few minutes can cause permanent retinal damage.

Now, since the sun can cause retina damage in such a short time, imagine staring into high energy radiation for several hours a day?

Technology overuse is now a modern disease. It is not uncommon to find millennials, Generation Z, and boomers glued to their screens browsing through the different social media platforms. But even more alarming than screen time is the bright LED lights used by vloggers to film their videos. 

As a YouTuber, you know that an essential part of creating quality video content is great lighting. 

No doubt, quality video content means more viewers, and that's great. But as a creator, have you wondered how those bright lights affect your eyes? 

There are short-term and long-term effects of starting at these bright lights for hours. And since a single video could take a few tries, translating to more screen light, camera light, and LED light, it's important to be aware of the potential harm.

How Harmful Can Your Filming Light Be?

Looking at bright filming lights can damage your eyes. When you over-stimulate your retina's light-sensing cells as a result of staring at the light, they deliver huge amounts of signaling chemicals that damage the back of your eyes.

In a 2018 study, mice were exposed to light that wasn't as bright as sunlight for long periods. They experienced a type of permanent eye damage caused by a photo-oxidative reaction. 

The photo-oxidative eye damage occurs when bright light reacts with the retina, forming highly reactive molecules in the eye. These molecules cause damage to the eye as they respond. 

Presently, there isn't a way to fully measure how dangerous the filming light is or what damage it does to the eye. However, from the studies already conducted about bright lights and their effects, it is safe to assume that filming lights can greatly damage your eyes.

The long-term effects may not be apparent now, but overtime, problems such as age-related macular degeneration could develop.

The short-term effects you have probably already realized while filming are headaches, eye strain and tiredness - which are not great motivators when it comes to best performing your craft!

It's important to note that if you have lighter eye color, you are even more predisposed to damaging your retinas. This is because lighter-colored eyes absorb more light. 

Protecting Your Eyes

You must take steps to protect your eyes from damage. The first step is getting a healthier lightning source to power your video content. You can also reduce daily screen time and take regular breaks to rest the eyes!

Dr. Lite offers the first and only medical-grade line of lamps to eliminate harmful blue light and has become a favorite among YouTubers and content creators alike. Our lamps come with blue light protection, anti-glare, anti-flicker properties, and a balanced light spectrum, among other features. YouTuber Doctor Eye Health loves to use our lighting while reading, working, filming his videos and even during Zoom meetings!

Video Creators know how important the eyes are when it comes to bringing a creative vision to life. Do your part to protect them!

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