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6 Useful Gifts The Crafter In Your Life Will Appreciate

Gift shopping for a crafter can be tricky, especially if you're not a craft lover yourself. There are lots of factors to consider - style, skill level, amount of time they spend crafting - which makes finding the right gift pretty difficult.

That's why we've searched the web to find a selection of useful gifts for every type of crafter. Whether you're shopping for a textile artist, DIYer, knitter, fashion designer, or scrapbooker, these unique gift ideas will make their next crafting session the best ever.

Paint Pens 

Do you know a crafter that loves paint pens? If so, grab these next time you go shopping! The distinct raised texture and intensity of the pen or marker makes them intuitive to use. That means your crafter can easily add a pop of color into their life, whether they are creating a mural, writing, or drawing on various surfaces like paper, fabrics, stones, ceramics, and glass. Also, their quick-drying attributes make them a great option for signage. 

Needle Felting Kit

Needle felting is one of the cheapest and easiest crafts. If your favorite crafter loves trying out new mediums, they'll enjoy creating lots of lovely critters they can place around their home using the kit.

What's more, a needle felting kit cost less than $20, making it the ideal gift for a beginner crafter or anyone who loves working with felt. 

Metal Stamping Kit for Jewelry

Using characters calibrated in millimeters to write names and place messages on brass, copper, or other materials requires a special type of talent. But if your favorite crafter has a knack for using a small hammer to design custom jewelry, then they'll find a metal stamping kit quite useful. 

Make sure you get a kit that contains the tools they need to craft hand-stamped jewelry stress-free. Tools such as stamping a hammer, metal tags/blank, stamping block, polishing cloth, metal stamps, and stamping tape will come in handy.

Sewing and Quilting Machine

If the crafter in your life is always stitching pillows, clothes, or accessories, they'll be excited to get a new computerized sewing machine. This machine is both efficient and durable. It also features many needles and presser feet for different fabric thicknesses, making it perfect for beginners or experienced quilters. 

Clarity Magnifier Lamp 

Behind every successful crafting project is a good lighting source.  A craft lamp, particularly a magnifying lamp, can magnify an entire workstation to help that special crafter in your life see delicate components. So light up their craft space with Dr. Lite's clarity magnifying lamp. This lamp is every crafter's most prized possession as it enables users to free their hands while using the magnifying abilities for better vision and focus.

Why crafters love Dr. Lite Clarity Magnifier Lamp:

Sturdy design

Dr Lite's Clarity Magnifier Lamp is sturdy and will remain standing even amidst all crafting processes. You can also swivel, tilt the position, and adjust the lighting to cast the perfect light on your project.

Light output

It emits the most balanced lighting with an additional layer of protection for your eyes.

Blue-light safe

Dr Lite's Clarity Magnifier Lamp protects you from damaging blue light rays that cause short and long-term damage.


Dr. Lite's Clarity Magnifier Lamp enlarges up to 175% and helps you see fine details clearly while protecting the eye.

The ideal gift for that special crafter can make a world of difference to their craft. Remember their eye health matters a lot. So as you weigh these gift options, don’t forget to add a clarity magnifier lamp in your cart!  

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