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5 Easy Crafts You Can Make With Your Kids At Home This Summer

Schools out for the summer, and with the Coronavirus pandemic leaving parents with little options to entertain the kiddos, now is a great time to focus on DIY activities you can do right from your own home!

Below are some of our favorite summer crafts for the whole family!

Scented Rainbow Bubbles

Is there anything kids love more than blowing bubbles on a warm summer day? There might just be!

With this DIY Scented Rainbow Bubbles tutorial, you and the kids can add a pop of color and some delicious scents to their favorite activity! Combining essential oils and food dye, the whole family can gather around a DIY bubble station to give homemade bubbles the rainbow treatment. Have fun choosing your favorite scents together, or try match scents to a color — purple bubbles scented with lavender, for example.

Craft Tube Mermaid

Adorable and sustainable, these popular Craft Tube Mermaids give new life to old toilet paper and paper towel rolls!

You and the kids will love using bubble wrap, cardstock, glitter, and paint to bring this creative craft to life! You can find the tutorial for this and other popular mermaid crafts here!

Fish In A Slime Bag

Slime on its own is probably among one of the most fun activities for kids and parents alike.

Regular slime is fun and all but this tropical version takes it up a notch, especially when you mix in glow-in-the-dark fish! This activity is perfect for both sunny and rainy days.

You can find the tutorial for this unique craft here!

Sidewalk Chalk “Pops”

Sidewalk Chalk Pops are another fun new spin on an old favorite!

Chalk already encourages imagination (drawing pictures, tracing objects, etc.) and physical activity (hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, bean bag tosses, etc). but this colorful activity adds a whole new step to the process where making the chalk is just as fun as playing with it!

These DIY pops are guaranteed to fill up at least a few hours of that endless summer daylight. Learn how to make them here.

Plastic Egg Fireflies

Replicate the magic of fireflies coming out on a warm summer night with this glow in the dark craft that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors!

With less than 5 items, you and the kids will be enjoying these cute little guys in no time. Get creative by making them in all different colors and painting different expressions on their faces. How about a glow in the dark firefly egg hunt? This activity is guaranteed to reward you with fun for the whole summer, and it doesn't even require glue! Learn how to make them here.

Craft Safety

When working on DY crafts with the kids, it's so important that you are protecting your eyes with the right craft lighting! A quality task light will support your summer crafts by increasing your accuracy, productivity, and overall comfort while protecting everyone from the short-term and long-term effects of harmful blue light.

Dr. Lite is the perfect addition to every DIY station, supporting you and the family to see clearly and craft safely.

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