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5 Bright Ideas To Boost Productivity in Your Home Office for the New Year

Working from home has quickly gathered steam over the past few years. And with many companies forced to go remote, this change has become the new normal for many. And why not? Working from home has so many advantages - no commute, savings on gas and meals, more flexibility, and so on. However, this luxury can quickly turn into a missed opportunity if you don't plan properly.

For instance, working in a cluttered, poorly lit, or noisy environment can ruin your motivation and affect your workflow. So it would be best if you got the basics right to follow a well-organized routine that helps you stay motivated and productive.

Whether you want to improve productivity or make your workspace a little more pleasant, here are five ideas to boost productivity.

Choose a proper workspace

The best thing about remote working is likely the level of comfort. But not without distractions. Imagine working on an important task, and suddenly, an ad or movie plays on your TV. You might be drawn to abandon your task just to take a glimpse. This will likely happen every so often if you work at a random space.

That said, having a workspace devoid of distractions will do a great deal. If your workspace gives you work vibes, you will find yourself hitting your daily goal. To make that happen, make sure your workstation is far from things that can disrupt focus.

Also, setting your workspace with a comfortable chair, table, and other office-esque materials will keep you oriented to your work. After all, focus is the key to improved productivity.

Stay clean

Having clutter in your home office can be off-putting and stressful. Thus, make sure you treat your home desk as if you were in a real office. 

Clean after working for the day. Remove bills, work-related papers, teacups, and plates.To avoid cluttering your space, you can create a storagE space for your documents and other office tools. 

Add a plant

What better way to uplift your home office with color and life than a houseplant? And asides from looking good, they can make you feel good, too. Plants help purify indoor air by absorbing toxins and helping you feel more relaxed. All these benefits add up to improving productivity, concentration, and creativity.  

So why not add a breath of fresh air to your space by adding some beautiful greenery. You can never go wrong with a houseplant.

Invest in quality technology 

A good internet connection is the most important tool for every remote worker. However, getting an affordable network requires extensive research and recommendations.

The same goes for your work system (laptops, desktops, headphones, printers, etc.). If your system malfunctions and starts hindering your work, it can affect productivity. So invest in an inexpensive device with good features from a reputable tech brand. 

Upgrade your lighting

Lighting is often disregarded. But it's a tool that can make a huge difference to your productivity and quality of life.

While natural daylight can improve productivity, they are often insufficient for some home office tasks. With a well-designed task light, you can direct light right on your work surface. This can help you reduce eyestrain, promote a healthy posture, and boost productivity by more than 6%.

The Dr. Lite Halo Computer Lamp is perfect for reducing screen glare for better readability and less eye strain. This Halo Computer Lamp offers the perfect solution for any environment where complete control over where and how much light is required.

No more eye strain, only better focus!!

Follow these tips to stay productive, healthy, and happy as you work from home this New Year.

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